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Copyright: Francois Laupretre <phk@tekwire.net>
License: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 Apache License, V 2.0
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Proxy:: (27 methods):

Class: Proxy  - X-Ref

The 'back-end' object managing physical access to the package file. This
object is created and called by the stream wrapper on cache misses.

Runtime code -> 100% read-only except setBufferInterp().

API status: Private
Included in the PHK PHP runtime: Yes
Implemented in the extension: No
__construct($path,$flags)   X-Ref

This method must be called only from PHK\Mgr::proxy()

param: string mount point

crcCheck()   X-Ref
No description

insertCrc($buffer,$crc)   X-Ref
Inserts or clears a CRC in a memory buffer

param: string $buffer    The original buffer whose CRC will be overwritten
param: string $crc    If set, the CRC as an 8-char string (in hexadecimal). If
return: string    The modified buffer

getCrc($buffer)   X-Ref
Returns the CRC extracted from a memory buffer (not the computed one)

param: string $buffer
return: string The extracted 8-char hex CRC

computeCrc($buffer)   X-Ref
Computes a CRC from a given memory buffer

As the given buffer already contains a CRC, we first clear it.

param: string $buffer
return: string The computed 8-char hex CRC

checkCrcBuffer($buffer)   X-Ref
Checks a memory buffer's CRC

The memory buffer is supposed to contain a whole PHK archive.

No return value: if the CRC check fails, an exception is thrown.

param: string $buffer
return: void

fixCrc($buffer)   X-Ref
Computes and inserts a CRC in a memory buffer

param: string $buffer
return: string    The modified buffer

fileIsPackage($path)   X-Ref
Check if a given path contains a PHK package

param: string $path    path to check (can be virtual)
return: boolean

dataIsPackage($data)   X-Ref
Check if a data buffer contains a PHK package

param: string $data    data buffer to check
return: boolean

getMagicValues()   X-Ref
Extracts the values out of a magic line buffer

Note: A package is signed if (Signature offset != File size)

param: string $buf A magic line content
return: array An array containing the magic values

magicField($name)   X-Ref
No description

cacheData()   X-Ref
Brings all data in memory

After this function has run, we never access the package file any more.

return: void

clearCache()   X-Ref
Clears the data cache

return: void

pathList()   X-Ref
No description

sectionList()   X-Ref
No description

signed()   X-Ref
Is this package digitally signed ?

return: boolean

interp()   X-Ref
Gets interpreter string

If the interpreter is defined, returns it. Else, returns an empty string

return: string

interpBlock($interp)   X-Ref
Builds an interpreter block from an interpreter string

Note: can be applied to a signed package as the signature ignores the
interpreter block and the CRC.
param: string $interp Interpreter to set or empty string to clear
return: string Interpreter block (INTERP_LEN). Including trailing '\n'

setBufferInterp($path,$interp='')   X-Ref
Inserts a new interpreter block in a file's content

Allows a PHK user to change its interpreter string without
having to use the \PHK\Build\Creator kit.

Note: can be applied to a signed package as the signature ignores the
interpreter block and the CRC.

param: string $path PHK archive's path
param: string $interp Interpreter string to set (empty to clear)
return: string The modified buffer (the file is not overwritten)

version()   X-Ref
The version of the \PHK\Build\Creator tool this package was created from

return: string Version

path()   X-Ref
Returns the $path property

return: string

section($name)   X-Ref
Get a section's content

param: string $name The section name
return: string The section's content

ftree()   X-Ref
No description

stree()   X-Ref
No description

flags()   X-Ref
Returns the $flags property

return: integer

displayPackages()   X-Ref
No description

showfiles()   X-Ref
No description

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